Monday, March 3, 2014


Lent is a 40-day period before Easter beginning Ash Wednesday (March 5th of this year) and spanning 46 days in the Roman Catholic and Western church-world (Sunday’s are not observed).  Lent is a season when we deny ourselves ‘something’ in order to search our souls, and in so doing seek to imitate Christ, that is, become more like Him.  Prayer, fasting and works of love should mark the Lenten season.  What we give up should be self-sacrificing.

In denying ourselves a particular thing (i.e.: meat, desserts, chocolate, vegetables (I don’t know if these qualify – LOL!), watching our favorite show on TV, etc.).  The purpose is that in each denial we are reminded why we have chosen to do without.  NOTE: Lent isn’t giving up something that costs you nothing.  It would be like me saying, “God, I’m going to “lentenize” eating red beats.”  I don’t eat red beets.  I don’t eat any beets no matter what color they are.  J  When we deny ourselves it places us in a posture of humility and an attitude of prayer by which we seek Divine intervention for the reason we have done without (or fasted). 

One year I gave up desserts.  After each meal when I would normally have something sweet, I took that moment to reflect upon why I entered into Lent.  Another year I observed Lent in behalf of three individuals in the Church.  This year I am observing Lent for those hurt by the economy.  And personally, I am searching my heart for God to purge from my life anything that would hinder His blessings upon Prayer Ministries, Inc. and affect my intimacy with Him. 
When we observe Lent, we, like Christ, become a servant.

1. In the one instance we serve others.

2. In the other instance we serve God by seeking to become more like Him.

May I encourage, if not challenge you, to consider observing Lent with me, so that together we “lentenize” in behalf of others and ourselves so that we can become more like our Lord Jesus.