Friday, October 14, 2016



I hear it. You hear it. It goes something like this: “You mean to tell me that out of 324 million people these are our choices for the President of the United States? It’s embarrassing!” And, in my humble opinion—it is.

Could any of us have dreamed that we would be casting a vote for the highest office in the land and our choices would be: A foul-mouthed childish clown who alienates nearly everyone and a smug crook so corrupt that she takes a hammer to her cell phones and servers and lies to the American people saying, “What difference does it make?” (I know, that statement was made in reference to Benghazi, but it’s this candidate’s attitude toward everything.) 

I cannot judge the heart of a man or woman. That is God’s jurisdiction. But, God often reveals one's motive, which we have all seen at least once in our lifetime (if we have any years to our credit).

This is my take, and I could be wrong, but this is how I see it:

Hillary is as disingenuous as they come - smug, dishonest, calculated, self-serving, and the list goes on. I won't waste your time enumerating them ... far too many. She opposes the God of the Universe on issues that He established at Creation, issues that are pertinent to the health and welfare of all of us worldwide—the sanctity of life and same-sex marriage. To God, these are not negotiable. They are life and death—literally. These may be issues of choice to a society that has elevated itself above the I AM, but they are not issues of choice to Him.

Our leaders, whoever they may be—President, Senate, Congress, Governors, Mayors, etc.—cannot applaud and approve that which opposes the very laws of life and nature and not pay a heavy and severe consequence. “Authority” has been established by God (Romans 13:1), when someone opposes and live in disobedience to His laws, he or she profanes the very office God has sanctified to be holy.

What happened to the days when our Presidents would call a day of National repentance, crying out to the God of Heaven for mercy? Do we now view God and what He has established for the welfare of humanity a nuisance—in the way of how we want to live? Is God in the way of our pride and rebellion? By not humbling ourselves before Him are we not saying: We know more than He knows. He’s outdated. We want Him relegated to four walls…and those four walls had better not expand beyond their borders. They want us to believe that reading the Bible is like watching TV in black & white. Funny, how we forget that the God who wrote the Bible is the same God whose words appear in red. Yes, God wrote the black print as well as the red.

Trump, with all of his baggage—narcissism, bragging, name-calling, IMO is more genuine. (Maybe it's because he hasn't been polished-up by 30 years or more of living in the political world.) But he’s a buffoon. My ten year-old grandson has more self-restraint. Seriously! What button will he push next? Who will he alienate and insult next? I do agree with many of Trump’s policies, today, but who really knows what they will be tomorrow? What experience does he have that qualifies him to oversee two congresses and 325 million people?  At first I thought, “This is a good thing. He’s not beholden to either party, is a negotiator, can’t be bought, etc.” To me all those good things, if you know what I mean. But time has certainly revealed he builds walls not bridges (no pun intended); and bridges are necessary, as President Reagan demonstrated, to solve “gridlock” and provide solutions to problems facing ALL Americans regardless of party, color or economic strata.  

Now, we could address party policies…and that is a legitimate argument—there are so many issues at stake: SCOTUS appointees, life in the womb, same-sex marriage, immigration, trade, health care, school choice, etc. If you choose to vote policy that is between you and God; I take no issue with that. This article was not about party policies, it was about the office of President.

So, for whom am I voting? I must cast my ballot for the person I believe best exemplifies Jesus, best exemplifies Christian values, and best summarizes what is dear to the heart of God—and to me that person is Mike Pence. So, I’m writing in my Presidential Candidate. I know the arguments for and against that, but I have to vote BEFORE GOD, not before, or for, man. Some would argue it’s a vote for Hillary—God forbid. Wrong! It’s a vote to “DO RIGHT and Give the Consequences to God.” (Hey, I heard that somewhere before.)

J. Bruce Sofia, M. Ed, D. D.

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