Saturday, June 16, 2018


Finally, I’ve found two words which, in my opinion, aptly describe modern day politics—actually it may have always been this way...POLITICAL SHENANIGANS.

I have two friends, one an attorney and the other a mortgage broker, who are constantly sparring when it comes to politics.  One is a Democrat the other a Republican.  Of course, I’ll let a half a dozen or more emails go by and add my three cents—the instigator that I am.  LOL!  The Fed says the economy is very healthy and will raise interest rates by one full point by the end of 2018.)  So ‘two cents’ is now three cents.  LOL!

After following politics rather closely for the past 32 years, I’ve come to this conclusion—here’s my email to the sparring duo. 

Hey Guys,

IMO here is the reality: When it comes to politics just like when it comes to attorneys and the law (I'd like to believe, Mr A, you are the exception, and I would like to believe there are exceptions in every profession) however, with that said the reality is we are now seeing that the Clintons were utterly corrupt, the Obamas administration was corrupt on nearly every front, the FBI was corrupt, and I suspect that at the top and almost all government positions from the President to the local police and government there is corruption because it is the nature of man.  The Bible says, "The heart of man is the deceitfully wicked above all else who can know it."  It’s also true of business, the church, family; there are no exceptions—believe me I see it when I officiate funerals—greed and the love of money corrupts a person’s righteousness.

That's why I have made a decision to not vote “the man” because I don't know his/her heart.  Look at the disappointments we have found in Bill Cosby and for those who were Weinstein friends, him too.  Then there's Nixon, JFK ... and ... .  Hey!  Here’s the reality: I look at my own heart and at times it's scary and disappointing—so I'm not judging anybody.  Just making a point.

Therefore, I must vote policy; the policies, which best align with what I believe the word of God holds up, and trust the man/woman to God.  Nobody gets over on God.  So, if the man is crooked God will take care of the man.  Look, even God’s “model of perfection,” Lucifer, when pride was found in his heart corrupted his wisdom and became utterly evil.

Only one man lived a perfect life that could be trusted on every front and that was Jesus.  He doesn't walk the face of this earth today, but He does live in the hearts of believers and we do see Him at work for those who are willing to surrender and submit to His voice.  Yet, if we’re transparently honest, even with His help, what we do will be done with many imperfections. 

That's my three cents.