Thursday, April 24, 2014


Many of you have asked me if I like the movie "God's Not Dead."  Here's my review:

I enjoyed this film.  I especially favored the issues addressed (unequally yoked, being shunned for being a Christian, dementia, creation, etc.).  What bothered me, as in most Christian films, is the UNREALISTIC picture painted by the producers.  

It seemed to me that every character, which is ‘developed’ becomes a Christian, including the atheist professor who professes Christ in his last breath.  I am not denying this could happen?  It's just I've been by the bedside of people who have heard the gospel for decades, and they refused to believe through their last breath.  (This may be true of someone you know, too.)  

Also, the scene in the classroom where the freshman induces the professor to lose his cool -- like a courtroom drama on TV -- and confess, out loud, to the entire student body that he hates God for taking everything from him.  Come on!   Really!  I could go on -- far too many hokey things like these permeate Christian movies.   And, should I mention the car not starting over, and over and over again.  Call AAA!  That's my gripe.   

Again, I would recommend this film for the issues it raises and the answers it gives.  As a Christian it's encouraging.  I just wish Christian filmmakers would paint a more true-to-life picture.  

My favorite Christian movie of all time is “Chariots of Fire.”  It’s true to life and glorifies Christ without being hokey.  That my review.