Thursday, January 14, 2016



This will be a first.  We have never held services with the format the Spirit impressed upon me like these upcoming five days and six services.  Each service will be different – you’ll want to attend as many as possible.  Here’s what it looks like:
  • Saturday and Sunday (Jan 16-17) we will address "What is Revival?"  Then commencing Wednesday January 20 - 24, we will meet for 5 successive days (6 services) seeking the LORD for victory in areas of defeat, praise Him for areas of victory, and beseech Him for repentance nationally, collectively and individually.

  • Our Ministerial Team will oversee specific life-areas where we desire victory.  Each service will contain two Pastoral presentations.  For instance: In one of the evenings, Jim Atkinson (ordination candidate and Celebrate Recovery director) will address addiction, give the congregation an opportunity to share Testimonies of Victory and open the floor for Prayer for Victory.

  • Services will address our children, youth, college and career, senior challenges, sanctity of life, ‘marriage’, marriages, and challenges faced by our men and women, today.

Throughout our assembly Higher Ground will lace what we do with worship in song. 

Services, although template-d, will be ATSL (As the Spirit Leads).

In Jesus,
Matthew 18:19-20

Monday, January 4, 2016



Because a person goes to church, doesn't make him or her a good Christian.  However, to be a good Christian, one will go to church.  The reason why attending church regularly is essential to being a good Christian is:
A) It prioritizes the first and second commandments - love God and love your fellow man.
B) You've taught your children (and you) that life isn't just about ‘me’.
It takes time and effort to go to church.  When we become a part of the church, life is about others, not just us.  When it's about ‘us’, it's an insatiable appetite that is never satisfied. 

No one will ever reach his or her promise and potential on their own.  God loved the world, but let us never forget it is the church for which Jesus died - a bride without spot or wrinkle.  If we think we can live out our Christianity outside of the church, we are wrong.  The Bible says we are put together, joined together, fitted together, held together, and will be caught up together.  While your relationship to Christ is personal, God never intended it to be private.

Where would my church be if every one attended, served, and gave like me?  No one has it all.  Jesus was both God and man, and He needed others.  The body of Christ needs your time, talent, and treasure. Each of us is important to accomplish what God has planned.

We are one family, not three different families.  If I'm a true Eagles fan, I don't say, "I only watch/support the team if it plays on Sunday at 1 pm.  No, I watch/support the team if it plays on Monday night, Thursday night, Sunday at 4pm, Saturday at 8:30pm, etc.  What would happen if you got up for work and your legs said, "I'm not going today; I'm staying home."  That's what happens when you're absent - the whole body suffers.
The four rewards of regular church attendance:
1) We will not waver in our faith.
2) We will increase in our love.
3) We will increase in our good deeds.
4) We will be strengthened through encouragement.
The value of encouragement should be a part of the church family.  Let 2016 be a year of encouragement, and watch the miracles unfold.

(Sermon Summary Team - L. A. A.; Who We Are & What We Believe, Pt 12, "Church Attendance - The Value of Togetherness")