Friday, February 3, 2017


Whoever dreamed God would use Donald J. Trump to reveal the hearts of men. Truly "God's ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts—they are far above ours." Isaiah 55:8

The hatred is indescribable. What the media wants us to believe it is that the majority of America is protesting, revolting, and disagreeing with his executive orders.  This is not true!  In actuality it is less than a third of America who disagrees. All legitimate polls show that 66 percent, or more, agree with the President's executive orders (all within 10 days of being elected). 

Here's my take: I think it's because the media, newspapers, much of Hollywood, Democrats, and whoever else opposes President Trump cannot believe they lost.  It is so hypocritical!  The so-called 'tolerant' have revealed themselves as intolerant. Those who tell us we're to 'love' have revealed themselves as the haters. Those who call "the right" bigots have revealed themselves as 'bigots'.  The reason why it is just now being revealed is because they have gotten their way for decades, now they are not.  In my opinion and that of 90% of American's polled, they have revealed themselves as spoiled elitists who didn't get their way and now they are throwing a temper tantrum.

I heard a “democrat strategist” on NPR the other day say it will take "the left" 15 years to recuperate; the American people now believe that the Democratic party is the party of the elite and not that of the "common working man." 
Recall what God told Israel when they went into captivity: "Seek the peace and prosperity of this city ... for if it prospers, you too will prosper." Jeremiah 29:7  

By the way, I did not vote for Donald Trump nor did I cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton.  However, God establishes kings, thrones and kingdoms (Daniel 2:21 & 4:17).  Seriously, whoever dreamed Donald Trump would be God's choice? Pretty amazing isn't it?  Now, let's pray that God uses the next four years, or more, to put the God of the Bible and Christianity where it belongs in our culture.  

Pray for our President, his cabinet and our leaders—national, state and local, that they would govern in righteousness and walk in the fear of the LORD, and we would be ONE NATION UNDER GOD.